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Happy New Year + Resolutions-ISH

Hey guys,

Welcome to 2019!

Ballerina girl in the air
Source: IG@brandonwoelfel

I’m really excited about this year even though I don’t know what’s going to happen or if it’s going to be any better than last year.

But I’m hopeful and grateful and I think it’s going to be a great one for me and you too 🙂

I’m not really good at making resolutions as they give me something more to procrastinate about. I just do it when it comes around and no, I do plan. Just not at the beginning of the year. Last year, I didn’t really have any resolution, so I can’t really tell how much I accomplished.

I’m going to write things I did last year and things I am going to do this year.

Things I did last year –
  • Got enrolled in photography classes, did practicals and projects and met amazing friends.
  • Got courageous in my writing enough to start sending out poems for publication and competition (haven’t really got one accepted yet but it’s still great).
  • I got to participate in a open mic spoken poetry competition without chickening out (okay maybe I did fumble a little and got out after first round, but I went and I participated which was enough for me. Never had the courage to do share my poems talk less of reciting them in front of a crowd).
  • Wrote a lot of poetry and increased my writings to 700+ and tried other forms apart from haiku and freestyle.
  • Joined a writing community called Mirakee. Mirakee is an awesome community for writers, both professionals and amateurs. I published most of my writings there, though it’s been long since I’ve written anything. You can check it out here.
  • Picked up my programming lessons on FreeCodeCamp, SoloLearn and Learning Front-End development.
  • Did my photography internship for three months with the coolest bosses EVER. Thanks Twanni! You too, Jumi and Jhannzy.
  • Finally got into the university after trying twice without getting in. Finished first semester and it was great. Cool but extremely hard. Especially when you’re going to an Open University and you have to do most things yourself (starting to reconsider going to a conventional university. First gonna see how this semester goes).
  • I met a lot of people and learned to survive on my own far away from home for almost five months (might not sound like an achievement but I’m the kind of person who thinks the coolest place on earth is her house. It was nice to finally go places and meet new people).
  • Finally, I had my first camping experience. It was a Christian camp and I was in the campus section. It opened my eyes and helped to strengthen my faith. I can’t say I’m perfect now or things have really changed but I’m trying.
Things I want to do –
  • Work on my faith – This is an important aspect for me as I tend to fall off easily. I just want to get to a point where I’m rooted in Jesus and not fall away over stupid things (I’d be happy if anyone would like to talk with me about this. Thanks!).
  • Work on my studies – With school starting on Monday, I’ll have a lot on my hands soon. Studying, classes, assignments, etc. I don’t have my results yet from last semester, so I don’t know what my GPA is. But my goal is to raise my GPA and perform well enough. I’m not all about grades though. Just long term learning and understanding (if you’re a computer science student or in any tech related course, please say HI. Would love to meet a fellow student ☺).
  • Read… A lot – lately I’ve found myself on medium and most things I read are tech related. I do read stories and poetry on Wattpad though. This year, I’m planning on buying paperbacks. I’m a huge fan of technology but I prefer reading physical books. E-books are not for me lol. They stress me after long periods even with my glasses on (recommendations are appreciated. I’m an adventure freak, sci-fi and maybe action with less lovey dovey stuff. I’m a romantic but don’t like reading about it 😂).
  • Work on my hobbies – poetry and photography. It would be more awesome if I had a camera but I can make do with mobile photography for now. My poetry goal would be to write more and maybe have an e-book. I did try last year to get one but I dropped it like every project I had 🤦. Even worked on the cover designs with my friends in photography class (sorry guys!).
  • Work on other creative stuff – like fiction or nonfiction, short stories or a novel. Always wanted to write a book (written 100+ since I could write. Always have a good story or bad sometimes but never finish it 🤦. Does it happen to anyone?).
  • Work on my programming skills – Good with HTML and CSS. Working on my JavaScript. Planning on doing the #100DaysofCode challenge (Not really a challenge per se). More like a commitment.
  • Work on my personal development – first thing I want to do is stop PROCRASTINATING and negative thoughts (although, I can’t help the negativity part because of my PTSD but I’m trying. I don’t want to be a sufferer anymore 😢). Once that’s done, I’m sure things will fall into place or I’ll just have the work done lol.
  • Work on my relationship with others – I’m good at communicating with people and at the same time, I’m terrible at it. Gonna work on the terrible side of it. I’m a sensitive person and sometimes it feels overwhelming and I can’t handle my relationships with others. It upsets me because people don’t really get why I sometimes zone out.
  • Explore – everything and anything, everywhere and anywhere. Adventures makes life fun.
  • Make healthy choices – I’m not the most healthy person out there. Ice cream can attest to it lol. But I’m going to cut back on bad foods and exercise more.

There are probably others but I can summarize them all into this:

I just want to be the best version of myself God has always wanted me to be.

PS: Just figured out that I just wrote a resolution 😅. Get thee behind me, Procrastination!

Change is constant but people never really change.

– Chidera Nwosu

What’s your new resolution if you have one? And what are the things you need to stop doing and think you need to start doing? Do you relate to anything I’ve written so far?

Talk to me. I’d love to hear all about it.

Till next time,

Dera ♥

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And maybe believing in the unknown
sounds crazy and dumb
but what could be worse
than staying known and plain?

Maybe crazy isn’t so crazy after all.

© Chidera Nwosu

What’s the most craziest thing you’ve ever done?

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It has been AGES!

Merry Christmas everyone🎄

And Happy New Year in advance!

A lot of things stole my time away (lame excuse, I know 🤦but forgive me). But I’m back. For long this time.

Just started college, you can imagine how terrible first semester is. Glad I survived that!

I’m a computer science student and I attend an open university (National Open University of Nigeria).

Life has been ups and downs and I have learnt a lot and I missed blogging.

This is a very wacky post but point is, I’m finally back and I’ll be as frequent as I can.

You can view this blog as a journal because it is going to be like that.

If you’re still interested in reading my posts, that would be awesome, thanks ♥.

My genre is gonna be personal in this way

  • School stuff/rants
  • Life
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Etc.

I’d very much love to hear how y’all have been ☺.

Happy holidays!


Dera ♥

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Original picture

My first edit.

My second edit.

I’ve been quite busy with school and life.

I’ve improved my editing game.

Here’s some of my edits.

The photo credit isn’t mine.

What do you think?



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Give It Time

When someone comes and tells you, “I can’t sleep without you, I love you the way you are and I can put up with your good and bad attitude”, before you commit your heart to such a person, please, *GIVE IT TIME*.

When You just met someone today and feel like marrying him/her tomorrow, before you do, remember you need to *GIVE IT TIME*.

When you visit your uncle during a vacation for 2 months, don’t be carried away that they serve you your preferred food and give you hot water to bath during your first two days don’t start making arrangements to relocate to their house, *GIVE IT TIME*.

When a brother visits you and wakes you up by his shouting of prayer from 12 am to 6 am, please don’t shut him down, first *GIVE IT TIME*.

When someone joins your fellowship in the first year and he is in every group/dept, please don’t rush and make him a leader, rather *GIVE IT TIME*.

When you enter a new environment and everybody worships you and eat your mess don’t be carried away just *GIVE IT TIME*.

When someone comes with a new business with unbelievable promises, please before you involve your money, first *GIVE IT TIME*.

Finally, when you are in a cross road of decisions, you don’t know what to do, ask the people or person involved to please *GIVE YOU TIME*.

You can be good in giving people tests and trying out who they are.

Some people know how to pass them all but the test of time they will fail.

Time tests Love and proves it.

Image ©2018 Dera’s Art™

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Highlights and Shadows with a touch of Vintage

WPC A Face in the Crowd

Hey guys, long time no see.

So sorry, it’s so my fault.

I’ve been busy with school and practicals.

Here, I have the shadow and highlight picture. You create it by making one light (key light) fall on one side of the face. I used a soft box for the key light and it came out good.

And I used the Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi for these.

Here’s the first

I used focal length of 45.0mm

The aperture was at f8.0

Speed 1/200

My ISO was at 400

White balance was on automatic.

My friend David helped me with the editing. He used frequency separation with photoshop CS3. He edited all of them.

The second

My focal length was at 37.0mm

My speed, ISO, WB and aperture is still the same as the first.

The last one

I used a focal length of 40.0mm

I shifted my aperture from f8.0 to f7.1 to absorb more light.

My speed was still at 1/200s

ISO 400

WB Auto

I edited it too. I gave it a more vintage look. I used Google’s snapseed.

Main things I touched were details, curves, WB, vintage look and a little vignette.

I edited one more not in the previous set.

Here are my vintage looks

The model I used was my fellow colleague Vigel.

Retouching is not my forte or any kind of editing but this turned out perfect than I had expected it to.

This week was so stressful with a lot of practicals. But it was awesome and I connected more than ever with my classmates. So fun with you guys.

Thank you David ☺

So how did your week go?

I’d love to hear from you ☺

IG: Derasworld


Dera ♥